Each person on this list has inspired me in some way.

All of these people are entrepreneurs who created businesses anywhere from world changing to humble side hustles.

  • Bill Gates - Founder of Microsoft and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

  • Elon Musk - An incredible action taker who is not afraid to tackle inctactable problems. He co-founded Paypal, Tesla, and SpaceX.

    • Wants to make humans a multi planetary species (SpaceX)
    • Is attempting the auto and fossil fuel industries with electric cars (Tesla Motors & Solar City)
    • Biography
    • Book-length blog series
  • Tim Ferriss - Best-selling author and the original lifestyle designer. Best known for his “Four Hour Workweek” series of books.

  • Billy Murphy - Writes posts which are comprehensive and usually introduce me to a new way of thinking about a subject.

  • Derek Sivers - For as much as Billy Murphy is comprehensive, Derek Sivers is the opposite in that he purposely cuts every extraneous word. He distills ideas to their very core concepts and then succinctly describes them. I like his thoughts on deciding what you want in life.

  • James Clear - Content on fitness, habits, systems, and psychology. He also makes excellent photo journal entries.

  • Dane Maxwell - Specializes in teaching how to create SaaS businesses. His original thoughts and processes on this subject made sense. His more recent ideas have gotten a little too spiritual for my tastes.

  • Ryan Daniel Moran - Ryan is very public about his goal to own the Cleveland Indians and the methods he’s using to build his wealth to that level.

  • Ramit Sethi - No-nonsense personality who isn’t afraid to say what he thinks.

  • Patrick McKenzie - Software entrepreneur who has experience developing and maintaining a small side business while working crazy hours in a normal job.

Other Interesting Individuals

  • James Franco - Actor famous for his intelligence and ability to accomplish things.
  • Richard Feynman - Famous physicist, teacher, and thinker.
  • Tristan Hume - I’m very impressed with the amount of projects and accomplishments this person has done at a young age. It helps me realize that there should be nothing stopping me.