Each person on this list has inspired me in different ways.

Visionaries and Thought-Leaders

  • Bill Gates - Founder of Microsoft and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
  • Elon Musk - One of the most influential visionaries of our day.
    • Goals
      • Make humans a multi planetary species (SpaceX)
      • Disrupt the auto and fossil fuel industries with electric cars (Tesla Motors)
    • Biography
    • Book-length blog series
  • Richard Branson - Has built up multiple business empires. Eccentric, billionaire, philanthropist, adrenaline junkie. Devotes research to renewable fuel research and global warming.
  • Tim Ferriss - Best-selling author and the original lifestyle designer.

Notable Entrepreneurs

  • Billy Murphy - Writes excellent blog posts.
  • Dane Maxwell - Specializes in teaching how to create SaaS businesses.
  • Ryan Daniel Moran - Ryan is very public about his goal to own the Cleveland Indians and the methods he’s using to build his wealth to that level. His podcast is one of my favorites.
  • Derek Sivers - Great at distilling information. Author, public speaker. I like his thoughts on deciding what you want in life.

These people have their business in the make-money-online space. I include them because they impress me as honest and effective.

Other Interesting Individuals

Inspirational Bloggers

Software Engineers

  • Tristan Hume - I’m very impressed with the amount of projects and accomplishments this person has done at a young age. It helps me realize that there should be nothing stopping me.
  • Patrick McKenzie - Software entrepreneur who has great quality posts and has experience developing and maintaining a small side business while working crazy hours in a normal job.
  • Greg Bonaert
    • His page here motivated me to finish writing this page.