This is my now page.

My current focus at work is on AI-Hunter and RITA. My contributions have involved managing a team, using docker, bash scripting, python, golang, mongodb, and angular (roughly in that order).

My free time recently has been spent reading books. I’m currently making my way through The Belgariad Series. You can find more updates on my Goodreads profile.

In February 2018 I began actively losing body fat. I ate a calorie deficit for 4 months and lost 17 pounds. I had a target goal of macronutrients (fat, carbs, protein) to eat each day. An emphasis on protein along with regular (3x per week) strength training ensured that what I lost was fat and not muscle as I got stronger while losing weight.

I’m currently no longer eating a calorie deficit but am focusing on strength training. I don’t believe it’s healthy to maintain a deficit indefinitely and so I will switch between maintenance and cutting periodically.

The following shows the graph of my weight over time.

Weight Graph

The blue lines are my actual daily weight logs. Because body weight can fluctuate so wildly I use a rolling 7 day average in red to smooth out the graph. This allows me to have a better idea of my weight without the random daily swings and allows me to miss logging some days without breaking the graph. One interesting data point is the low spot on the graph. I had the misfortune of getting food poisoning and lost about 4 lbs in a single weekend. That was immediately followed by a 10 day trip to Germany & Austria where I did not weigh myself so the graph leveled off at the food poisoning low because there were no new data points. The return from that trip coincides with the sudden spike and also my switch from a calorie deficit to maintenance.

Cooking has interested me for a number of years, and I have recently been more intentional about learning. During my calorie deficit, it was difficult to try new recipes as I had to also calculate the macros of everything I made and make sure that the recipes I chose would fit my goals. Now it’s a lot easier. Because it is harvest season where I live I’m focusing on using the abundance of seasonal produce without waste and learning the science behind cooking and flavor.

This page was last updated on 2018-09-29.