/learn /Language Theory

Learning a new language is a difficult task. Why make it more difficult by learning aspects of the language that you either do not care about or will not use? This post defines some possible goals for learning a language and the corresponding skills required. By identifying which goals to pursue and which to ignore or postpone, you can drastically reduce your language learning time by cutting out the unnecessary skills.

/learn /Languages

What follows is a guide for quickly picking up a new language. It starts out with the most useful, and easiest to learn, elements first and then moves onto the more time consuming aspects of a language. The areas that require the most study, practice, or memorization are saved until you have a framework to build on and barebones language skills that you can use immediately.

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/read /Speed Reading

Reading faster isn’t the only way to absorb more material. Sometimes books have a lot of unnecessary filler material for background information or entertainment purposes. You don’t have to read all of it in order to get the main point of the book. Other times, you can’t use your eyes but you can listen to audio (e.g. while driving). This is still a great opportunity to learn.

/read /Will It Fly by Pat Flynn